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Stainless Steel Vessels and Tran

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Project information

Project description:

For the transportation of nuclear waste to COVRA, NRG requires a means of transportation to allow it to safely transport this waste.


Delmeco has designed and provided 48 stainless steel vessels and 48 thermogalvanised pallets for NRG, for a safe and reliable transportation of solid nuclear waste. Additionally, Delmeco designed and provided 24 thermogalvanised transport pallets for a safe and reliable transportation of the stainless steel vessels for COVRA.


The assignment consisted of:

  •  Engineering the stainless steel vessels, pallets and transport pallets (within Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau B.V.);
  •  Manufacturing 48 stainless steel vessels with lids and rain caps made from stainless steel 316 including a lead filling;
  •  Manufacture of 48 support pallets (galvanised steel) for the transportation of 48 stainless steel vessels;
  •  Manufacture of 24 transport pallets (galvanised steel) for the transportation of 48 stainless steel vessels with support pallets;
  •  Performing a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).

Within this project Delmeco is responsible for the delivery of 48 stainless steel vessels, 48 support pallets and 24 transport pallets from design to delivery.

Client: NRG and COVRA

NRG (Nuclear Research & Consultancy Group) aims at providing nuclear service for energy, environment and health. This service includes giving advice, performing various tests and the production of medical isotopes.


COVRA N.V. is the Central Organization for Radioactive Waste, which stores and processes radioactive substances (solid and fluid).

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