Barrel Emptying System 1

Barrel Emptying System

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Project information

Project description:

In COVRA, barrels with nuclear liquids are processed. Because of the radiation levels of the liquids it is impossible for humans to go near these liquids.


Delmeco designed, delivered and installed a barrel emptying system for COVRA N.V. It enables them to transfer synthetic barrels from the transport container and empty them by means of various automatic manipulators. This means that no humans have to come close to the liquid. It is a way to separate the liquid from the solid waste (the synthetic barrel).


The assignment comprised (in the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering):

  • Constructing the system (after the execution of the engineering within Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau B.V.);
  • Installing on location at COVRA;
  • Running a SAT (Site Acceptance Test) at COVRA.

For this project, it was Delmeco’s responsibility (in all fields, from design to realisation) to complete the barrel emptying system and deliver it turn-key and operating.


Client: COVRA N.V.

COVRA N.V. is the Centrale Organisatie Voor Radioactief Afval (Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste) where nuclear substances (solid and liquid) are processed and stored.

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