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Project description:

When storing radioactive liquids for a long term it is of high importance that the liquids are stored safe and stable. The long term storage of liquids would impose a risk of leakage. To avoid any potential leakage the radioactive liquids are mixed with cement and as a result a solid and stable product emerges that can be stored safely.


Delmeco has designed, build and installed a mobile cementing unit (MCI) for COVRA N.V. that enables the customer to safely and responsibly transform the liquid radioactive waste into a solid that can be stored long term. The MCI installation is a semiautomatic unit that will go through multiple process steps. The radioactive waste is still emitting radiation, therefore, the MCI unit cannot be operated from close distance. In case of calamities the MCI unit has an isolated and protected cell. Once the product is placed in the cell the MCI unit is safe to approach. The entire system is build with additional back-up systems that in case of single failure allow for safe storing of the radioactive product.


The process is unmanned and controlling the MCI is done remotely in a separate room. To facilitate the remote control a separate control unit is delivered. With the control unit the operator can control the MCI unit in standard mode but also in back-up mode. In addition, the MCI unit is equipped with a camera system that monitors the entire process from a safe distance.


To prevent any calamities the mentioned back-up systems can be used. In addition, other safety measures have been taken such as; independent air filtration system and an independent fire detection system. The whole unit is build in Stainless Steel and all parts have a smooth surface finish. As a result, in case of contamination the unit can be properly cleaned. The MCI unit has been placed inside of a 20ft container for easy transport.


The project consisted of the following disciplines; Engineering, construction, electrical engineering, automation and HVAC.

Within the disciplines; Engineering, construction, electrical engineering, automation and HVAC the project consisted of:

  • The construction and assembly of the MCI Unit at Delmeco (after the engineering was completed at Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursburea B.V.);
  • Performing a Factory Acceptance Test at Delmeco;
  • The installation of the MCI Unit on site at COVRA;
  • Performing a Site Acceptance Test at Cova.

 The responsibility of Delmeco within this project was the Turn-Key delivery of the MCI Unit from engineering to installation on site.

Client: COVRA

COVRA N.V. is the Centrale Organisatie Voor Radioactief Afval (Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste) where nuclear substances (solid and liquid) are processed and stored.

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