scaffold for the Zeelandbrug

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Project information

Project description:

Delmeco has designed and built a work scaffold to properly perform maintenance on the outside of the main construction of the Zeeland Bridge. With this work scaffold it is possible to carry out maintenance on 2 levels on the outside.

The work scaffold travels both north and south and is guided by an automatic system along the concrete barrier on the outside of the bridge.


The assignment consisted of:

  • Designing the work scaffold (both electrical and mechanical engineering);
  • Building the machine and control cabinets;
  • Installing and testing the work scaffold on the Zeeland Bridge.

 The installation mainly consists of:

  • A main construction;
  • 2 work platforms;
  • A drive including steering mechanism to keep translating it correctly along the concrete barrier;
  • A FAT and SAT, including CE mark.

 The responsibility of Delmeco within this project is the turnkey delivery of the work scaffold for all engineering disciplines from design to realization.

Client: Provincie Zeeland (The Province of Zeeland)

The Province of Zeeland fulfils an important task for the inhabitants of Zeeland in various areas. For example, it is responsible for the layout of nature reserves and the maintenance of roads and canals.

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