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LCD processing line Sims

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Project information

Project description:

Due to the ever-increasing waste stream of LCD screens, Delmeco has designed, delivered and set up an LCD processing line for SIMS Recycling Solutions for the purpose of processing (recycling) LCD screens safely and responsibly (with respect to occupational health and safety and environmental regulations).


The assignment consisted of:

  • Building the (support) frames and loading platforms at Delmeco;
  • Building the control panels incl testing the automation at Delmeco;
  • Delivery and installation of various conveyor belts;
  • On-site installation (E and W) at SIMS in Eindhoven.
  • The installation mainly consists of:
    • Two chain conveyors that transport the LCD screens and shredded material from import to shredder and from shredder to oven respectively;
    • A shredder that reduces the material;
    • An oven for evaporation of released fumes/substances;
    • Various conveyor belts;
    • A complete climate control system (air removal) for the purpose of dust control/filtering and air supply of the oven incinerator;
    • Various support constructions, stairways and loading platforms;
    • Various control panels for the purpose of electric control and/or automation;
    • Complete cable route and machine conductors incl (supply and signal) cables and switches/connectors;
  • Performing a SAT (Site Acceptance Test) at SIMS.

For this project Delmeco is responsible for delivering the LCD processing line turnkey for all subject disciplines, from design to completion.

Client: Sims Recycling Solutions

SIMS Recycling Solutions is an international company with business locations all over the world whose core business is electrical and electronics recycling. At Sims, LCD screen waste is recycled separately, which means that these waste streams are reduced to the base materials.

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