Transformer Substation 1

Transformer Substation 1250kVA

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Project information

Project description:

Delmeco engineered and provided a new transformer substation for an extension of the second terminal (VTF2). It was needed in order to meet the increased capacity demand.


The assignment encompassed:

  • Implementing engineering;
  • Delivery and mounting of a transformer substation incl. transformer 1250kVA;
  • Delivery and mounting of medium voltage switchgear;
  • Delivery and mounting of low voltage switchgear;
  • Delivery and mounting of a No-break system (UPS) for the E&I installation;
  • Providing an earthing installation;
  • Connecting and starting up the entire transformer substation.

For this project, it was Delmeco’s responsibility to complete the transformer substation and deliver it turn-key and operating.

Client: Vesta Terminal Flushing B.V.

Vesta Terminal Flushing B.V. (VTF) is a tank terminal with three locations in Vlissingen. Vesta’s main activity is storage and transferral of a wide range of petroleum products and bio fuels. Vesta is a subdivision of the worldwide Mercuria Energy Group.

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