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Crate tilting device

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Project information

Project description:

Delmeco has designed, delivered and installed a crate tilting device for Sims Recycling Solutions. It can handle cubical crates as inlet station for a toner cartridge processing line. The inlet station doses (tilts) the contents of the crates in the process (the processing line).

The assignment comprised:

  • Constructing the crate tilting device (after the execution of the engineering by Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau B.V.) incl. safety measures.  In the main, the installation consists of:
    • An inlet roller conveyor;
    • A crate de-stacker for de-stacking three-crate-stacks;
    • A manipulator for transporting crates and rotating in the process;
    • A cleaning position for vacuum cleaning the inside of the crates;
    • A crate stacker for stacking 3 crates upon each other;
    • An outlet roller conveyor. 
  • Constructing the control panel incl. hydraulic and automation tests at Delmeco;
  • Running a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) at Delmeco;
  • On-site installation (E and W) at Sims in Eindhoven;
  • Running a SAT (Site Acceptance Test) at Sims.

In this project it was Delmeco’s responsibility to complete the crate tilting device and deliver it turn-key and ready to start for all disciplines from design to realisation.

Client: Sims Recycling Solutions

Sims Recycling Solutions is an international company with branches all over the world that operates in the field of electronics and recycling of electronics.

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