E&I Installation Tank Terminal 1

Machine Assembly

Customer-Oriented Machine Assembly
Standard solutions do not always suffice. Custom-made solutions are better, more efficient and often even cheaper. This also applies to machine assembly. That is why we always provide custom-built materials. Our Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau colleagues take care of the engineering, we take care of the assembly. All parts are provided by reliable partners that we have worked with for years. The result: a machine with an optimal performance.


You want certainty. That is why we test each machine extensively beforehand. We always do this in the presence of our client. Before we assemble the machine at our clients’ we perform a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) at our own location. We simulate the entire process. It is followed by the SAT (Site Acceptance Test) on the definitive location. After delivery we instruct the operators that will work with the machine.

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